Thank you to these sponsors who helped to make this concert series a success!







Rocky Hill United Methodist Church



Show Presenters

Premium Home Aids and Companions Services – Rocky Hill

PDQ Inc. – Rocky Hill, CT

The Sounding Board Coffee House – West Hartford, CT

Myrna Riquier – Natchaug Music 

Series Sponsor

Russ and Patty Bengtson

Shoreline Music Monthly

Wendy Koschwitz

Little Cowgirl Records

Michael Rivers of Rivers

Andy Wakeman

New Earth

Series Subscriber

Rick Allison


Elite Flooring Specialists – Hartford, CT

Janice W Beaucar


Here are the places you can tune into and hear original Connecticut Music!

Cygnus Radio, WESU, WWUH, WNHU, WHUS, ICRV Radio

Other locations for local performers:

150 Prospect Coffee House in Wethersfield, CT